How to Name Your Hamster



Determine your hamsters gender and breed.,
Try not to use popular names such as ‘Hammy’.,
Observe it’s behavior.,
Don’t make its name longer than 3 syllables.,
If you have more than one hamster, make sure that their names aren’t that similar.,
If you have problem choosing, try a book of baby names that will help you try to discover what would suit your hamster best.

Find adjectives to describe your hamster.,
Name it after someone you like.,
After you decided a name, call your hamster by name with a treat.

, Come up with something new.

, If it likes to stuff things in its cheeks, name it, for example, ‘Cheeks’.

, It can get annoying to say the long name every time you refer to your hamster!

, Tic and Tac are fine. Tic and Tick are not.

,, Try saying them until you find one you like. (Ex. Fluffy, Fuzzy, Tiny, Chubby, Bony)

, For example, if you like books by Charles Dickens, name him Charley.

, If it comes to you multiple times for the treat, wash your hands and try it without a treat. If your hamster likes his or her name it will come for the treat then eventually come without one. Some suggestions for male names can come with personalities such as munchkin, Caramel, Dash, Licorice, Spice, Cheddar or if he’s really smart you can name it Einstein.

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