How to Muck Out a Stall



Remove the hay, water bucket and manger to avoid contamination and keep the stall clean.,
Remove all the bigger, more obvious droppings on the surface with the shavings fork or rubber glove.,
When you have done this, toss the shavings to the sides of the stall, removing any droppings that fall out of them as you do so.

Scoop up the wet shavings with the shavings fork.

Sweep the floor and shovel up any remaining manure.

If possible, leave the floor to dry and air for a while before pulling back the shavings to lay the bed.,
If necessary, add new shavings.,
Use the four-pronged pitchfork to loosen them and dump them into the stall.

Spread the shavings around to make a comfortable stall.

Replace the water and feed bowls.,
Sweep the yard if necessary and put the tools back neatly.

Removing the horse is also a good idea.;
, Sift the shavings through the pitchfork so all that remains is manure(droppings). Then, deposit the manure in the wheelbarrow.

,,,, Bank up the shavings against the walls.

, To open the bale, cut the tape with scissors or a special safety barn knife that has a recessed blade.

,,, If you couldn’t remove the water bowl because it was fixed to the wall, change the water.

, This is especially important if you are boarding your horse.

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