How to Move on and Start Brand New



In order to forget about a previous poor relationship, you first have to get rid of any of that person’s belongings.,
Try going onto Google for more steps on how to forget this person!,
What other sites provide good information?,
To forget about a certain someone, simply ask a friend for advice!,
Try getting into certain hobbies that you’ve never gotten into once before!,
Avoid contact with the person that you are trying to avoid.,
If you catch the person’s attention, or accidentally create eye contact, try to fix your eyes on something else or do something different so that that person does not notice you any longer.

Try not to think about the bad things in your relationship and lighten up!,
Try to hang out with better people and just focus on them mostly.,
Are you ready to finally start a new chapter?,
The first part to trying to start brand new is being confident.,
Meet someone new!,
Do not try to fall in love too quickly, as this may cause another painful tension in your recent relationship and it just may end up repeating.

Get to know this new person.,
Once you both fall in love, do not tell this person about your past or anything.,
Be happy now, because you finally met someone new and you finally have the chance to just be happy.

If you have no room in your house to get rid of the items, just tell someone in your household to store them safely in a safe place for about 6 months.;
, Google provides a lot of useful information.

, Good question! Sites such as Yahoo Answers can help you with what you’re dealing with. Or, just search for an article on this site! This site has several articles similar to this one and they have better information.

, Some friends, or even best friends are great with giving advice. Be sure to listen attentively and gather all information once they’re done. A little bit of everyone’s data put together can really help you.

, Discovering new hobbies can help wash away your past and put you into a healthier position. Try out a new hobby that will make you focus only on the positive things in life. Maybe try becoming athletic, or cloud watching, or maybe even writing! Writing can help you remember great ideas and just push everything aside.

, Maybe you should try changing your schedule if you’re in a social class with this person or whatever. Try telling the host of that activity that you cannot join at that certain time because you may encounter something utterly painful. He/she will understand and do their best to help you with avoiding that certain person. Avoiding contact puts you into a better position. You cannot see that person, hear them, or anything, therefore you do not know what to think about if you cannot see them.

,, Think about the good things if you want to think about him/her and smile.

, Smiling can help you stay confident. Try to smile around more people.

, Laughter is the best medicine.

, Do not bring up the whole ‘my-relationship-was-painful’ discussion or they’ll bring it up at times. This may hurt you. If a new friend accidentally forgets and just mentions this person, tell them that it may upset you if they go any further.

, Well let’s go!

, Being confident can push you onto higher levels in life and make you much, much happier!

, Meeting someone new can definitely help you reach your goal.

,, Ask this person, What are your hobbies? When is your birthday? What drinks do you enjoy? Asking these questions can cause you to only focus on this person, and this person only. This is what you want, so DO NOT stop yourself once you start to do this.

, He/she may want to get in the middle, and then it’s up to you to choose the person you love.

, (:

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