How to Move On



Spend time with friends.,
Meet new people.,
Try dating again.

It is important to spend time with other people. This will help you remember the inherent goodness in others and that interaction will not always result in you getting hurt. Spending time with your friends will distract and help you cope with your pain. They will also help you see the good things about yourself, as well as help you have new experiences to remember fondly.

Take part in activities with your friends, as this will help you think about positive rather than negative emotions and experiences. Go to the movies, attend parties, or try something more ambitious like a hiking trip.
Take this opportunity to spend time with friends that you may not have seen in awhile. Sometimes we neglect people when we are in relationships and this is a great time to reconnect and remember how much fun you have when you’re with them.

, Having new friends and or a new social circle is always a good thing. Who doesn’t want more people that they enjoy being around? Go out and meet new people, either through your existing friends or through social settings like school, clubs, or a bar. This will give you new things in life to focus on, rather than your recent pain.

, Once you have processed the negative emotions from your break-up and feel like it might be time to move on, you may wish to attempt casual dating. Meet someone new and go on a few dates. This will help you understand that there are more people out there for you. It is best not to rush into a whole new relationship, as you might find yourself in an unhealthy rebound relationship. Instead take things slow and approach dating casually.

You aren’t looking for a new partner, you’re just look for new and positive experiences. With time, you will find someone who feels right and before you know it you’ll happily be in a new relationship.
Using the the coping skills and analysis discussed above, you should be better prepared for a more successful and enjoyable experience!

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