How to Minimize a Rooster’s Noise



Keep your rooster as far away from sleeping quarters and residences as possible.,
Keep him occupied.,
Avoid keeping more than one rooster.,
Use an artificial light source.,
Keep enough food in the rooster’s house to keep him occupied.,
Give him things to amuse him.,
Bribe your neighbors.

This is an easy way to reduce the noise if you live on a farm or a lifestyle block.;
, Ensure that the rooster has hens for friends. If he has only a few hens, he may be noisy because he’d like a larger flock. Add more hens if you can.

, Even keeping them apart (for safety’s sake) won’t dampen their need to vocalize their territorial claims and they’ll set one another going!

, Leave it on at night to make the rooster think it’s daylight for longer. Switch off the light before going to bed, hopefully delaying wake up time.

, Give him corn cobs to nibble on and plenty of food to scratch up. Hide some to turn it into a game.

, Provide perches, cubby-holes, boxes, and other things to climb on and through, and to explore. Roosters like having something to do.

, Talk to them about how your rooster needs to be noisy and that in return, they can have lots of fresh, free eggs! If that doesn’t work, try swapping him with a less noisy rooster. If he proves too noisy, find someone who lives where noisy roosters don’t matter and swap him for one of their quiet roosters.

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