How to Meet Your Crush for the First Time



Look and feel confident.,
Go up to your crush casually.,
Introduce yourself.,
Compliment your crush.,
Keep the conversation going.,
Find a way to stay in touch.,
To end the conversation, come up with a casual excuse to leave.

Even if you’re shy, talking to your crush can be really easy. Just treat him/her like a good friend.
, Don’t run up like you’re a crazed fan! Try to meet him or her as casually as possible. If one of your friends knows your crush, ask to be introduced. This way, the meeting will seem very friendly and not too out of the ordinary.

If you’re really uncomfortable talking to your crush, and you have a friend that knows him/her, bring your friend along and ask your friend to do most of the talking.
Use your friend to your advantage! Get your friend to talk about you to your crush, and use him/her to help get a conversation going.

, It’s not that difficult to say your own name – just try not to get tongue-tied. Remember that this crush of yours is a normal person like you, and there is no real reason to get nervous.

If you need an excuse to meet your crush, go up and say that you heard that he/she needed help with, for example, some math homework. Give your name and phone number, and let him/her know you are willing to help. This is also a good excuse to see him/her again after your first meeting.

, This works especially well if your crush is a girl, since girls love compliments! But even guys like to be complimented on things like their shirt or their shoes. This will start your relationship on a good note.

, It’s can be hard to get a conversation going when you first meet someone. If you’ve already broken the ice by giving a compliment, build on that. Follow up with questions and comments like: Where did you get those shoes? Oh, really? I’ve been there before. It’s a great place. If you don’t feel ready to have a conversation, skip to the next step.

, If you both have cell phones, ask to exchange phone numbers. You can also ask them if they have are on Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Google+, or whatever other social networking site you use. This will show that you’re interested in staying in touch with them.

, Don’t rush off like you have something better to do, but don’t just stand there in awkward silence, either. When you feel that you’ve said enough, or if things are taking an awkward turn, find a casual, realistic reason to say goodbye. If you’re talking between classes, say you have to go to class. If you’re not, say you have to get going (someone is waiting for you). Add a “See you later!” to top it off. This will hint that you’d like to meet and talk again.

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