How to Measure Height



Find a wall to use for measuring.,
Remove all bodily obstructions.,
Stand up straight.,
Position their legs together.,
Place their hands and arms to the side of their body.,
Ask them to look forward.

You are looking for a wall that has unobstructed access. It should be solid without a window or other cut-outs. It needs to be wide enough to fully fit the person’s shoulders without them touching anything else. The floor in the area should be level as well.

It is even better if you can find a wall that faces a mirror. This will allow you to track your movements during the process, which usually results in a more accurate final number.;
, The person whose height is being measured should take off their shoes. Place them to the side and stay barefooted (or wear socks) for the duration of the measuring process. Take down any hair accessories that could interfere with measuring process, such as a ponytail. If the person is wearing a bulky coat or jacket, have them take it off.One of the reasons that bulky clothing must be removed is so that you can observe body posture and make sure that the person is standing up perfectly straight when measured., Move to the wall for measuring. Place the person to place their back against the wall. Ask them to hold themselves up nice and straight for the entire time. When you look at their profile from the side, you should verify that the backs of their feet, head, shoulders, and bottom all lightly touch the wall., Ask the person to pull their legs slightly close to one another. Their weight should be balanced between both feet. Their knees and ankles should be close to touching or actually touching one another.For some people with knee conditions this may be an uncomfortable position. Check with the person to make sure that they are not experiencing any pain.

, Your subject may want to clasp their hands before them or cross their arms, however, this will have an effect on their posture and final height measurement. Instead, ask them to purposefully hang their arms loosely at their side.If you are measuring a child, you might tell them to keep their body as straight as a board and their arms as limp as noodles.

, Point out a spot across the room, at eye level height, and request that they focus on this area while you complete the measurement. Circle around the person and make sure that their eyes and ears are horizontal to one another in profile. This is called the “Frankfort Plane” alignment and indicates that their head is in the correct position.To correctly observe the Frankfort Plane, you will need to be as tall, or taller, than the person being measured. So, have a step-stool nearby to assist you, if needed.
If you are measuring a child, watch to see if they move their head around after taking a breath. If this is the case, you will want to re-position their head and then take a quick measurement.

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