How to Measure Height



Purchase and download a measurement app.,
Open the app.,
Point your camera at the object.,
Take a clear picture of the object.

Go to the app store and search for a “measure app.” You will see a number of options pop up, including the Easy Measure app. Read through the reviews and look over the pricing before you buy. Choose the one that best suits your needs and download it.

For example, Easy Measure has a variety of attractive features. It comes with an animated tutorial explaining how to tackle measuring challenges. It also allows you to take a photo of the object measured and store it alongside the measurement for easy reference., When you are ready to measure an object, you’ll need to get within eyesight of it and take out your phone. Start up the application and complete any requested calibrations. Try out a few different ways to hold your phone in order to keep it the most stable.

, Place your camera at eye level and direct it toward the object in question. Make sure that you pull your fingers out of the way as well. Move forward or backward to get the entire object into the view frame. This may take a bit of practice, so give yourself ample time.Part of the calibration process involves setting the correct camera height. It is best if you subtract 4 inches from your height and use that number (just so long as you keep the camera at eye level).

, Snap a few photos of the object and wait for the measuring magic to take place. The app will display the height of the object and you’ll have the option to save this information for later or even share it on social media.If you doubt the accuracy of the final measurement, do a few test runs on objects close to you. Use the camera to measure these objects and then take a traditional tape measurement as well. Compare the two numbers and they should line up to 1/8th of an inch.

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