How to Make Yourself Wake Up



Get enough sleep.,
Decide on a schedule.,
Create a nighttime routine.,
Make your bedroom conducive to sleeping.,
Don’t hit snooze.

Getting enough sleep will make waking up easier. The National Health, Lung, and Blood Institute recommends that adults get about seven to nine hours a night, though each person is different. Make sure you are getting your recommended amount of sleep if you are having trouble waking up., If you fall asleep and wake up at the same time every day, you’ll find it much easier to wake up in the morning.Your sleep schedule will most likely be based on your work or school schedule. Decide when you need to be up in the morning to get ready and count back seven or nine hours, depending on how much sleep you need. You should keep this schedule even on weekends.

Another benefit of a sleep schedule is it helps you get better quality sleep, meaning you wake up feeling more rested., Make a plan to enjoy relaxing in bed by yourself or with your partner without a TV or electronic devices. Take a bath, sip some chamomile tea, or try meditation to cue the release of sleep hormones.Start your routine at least an hour before you need to be asleep. If you can’t remember to start at the right time, set an alarm on your phone to tell you when you need to start winding down.
The blue light from electronic devices is particularly stimulating and suppresses the production of sleep hormones.It’s best to turn them off about an hour before bed to help cue your brain to sleep.

, Make sure your room is dark, including blacking out the windows and even covering up the light from your alarm clock. In addition, try to block out any noise, either through earplugs or white noise. Finally, make sure your bed is comfortable for sleeping, including your pillows, sheets, and blankets., Get up as soon as your alarm goes off. Resist hitting the snooze button, or setting multiple alarms, as this can make you more groggy. Those five or 10 minutes of extra sleep are tempting, and you may think it will help you feel more rested, but it can actually make it harder for you to get up. This is because if you fall asleep, you are restarting your sleep cycle,and the beginning of the sleep cycle is the most difficult point from which to try and wake up.

You should not hit the snooze even when you have time to sleep in, as it sets a bad precedent.
If you have trouble responding to the alarm, try one that gets louder, moves across the room, or adds light to the sound.

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