How to Make Your Secret Crush Notice You While in the Next Class(for Girls)



Get prepared in the morning.,
Be yourself at school.,
Get attention in class.,
Impress at the dance.,
Become friends.,
Keep in Touch.,
Good luck!

Brush your hair, teeth, shower and get dressed, taking a bit more time than usual to highlight your best qualities; presenting yourself with flare, strength, and passion.;
, Never fake your personality just to impress someone. Be gregarious, kind, and leave a great first impression, especially on your crush with a sweet smile and glistening eyes.

, Although you may have trouble doing it, catch their attention in class by joking around with them, of course if you are not very shy. Otherwise, you may want to ‘accidentally’ drop your pencil forward so they can pick it up, or smile when they answer a question.

, Although you may of not made a full impression on him, yet often cross paths, try not to be bluntly obvious in your advancements, rather smiling at them. This may or may not result in being asked to the dance.

, You may need to become friends with your crush. Smile, talk, laugh at his jokes, no matter how boring.You just have to wait a while and hopefully by the last dance of the year you’ll dance and go steady.

, Text and email your crush by getting his number. Make sure to use a winking face “winks” occasionally. Even if you think that is too much, you could always use a smiley. After getting closer, use “xoxo” to represent hugs and kisses.


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