How to Make Your Hospital Stay More Comfortable



Ask for a longer bed.,
Ask for extra blankets.,
Ask if you can go on a walk.,
Move around a bit.,
Appreciate your caregivers.

If you are tall, you might find your hospital bed a bit cramped. Most hospital beds, however, can be lengthened. When you nurse seems to have a little bit of time, ask if you can have your bed lengthened., Hospital mattresses are generally encased in plastic. Though there should be a fitted sheet on top of the plastic, this can make the mattress hot and get your bed sweaty. Ask for a couple of extra blankets to place under you for more comfortable bedding.Ask about warm blankets — many hospitals can bring you a warm blanket for additional comfort.

, If you have someone to accompany you, your nurse might be willing to let you go for a walk. This can be a welcome relief when you’ve been stuck in the same room for an extended period of time. If you are having trouble walking around, ask your nurse for a wheelchair.

, If you lie in the same place for too long, it will detrimentally affect your circulation and may ultimately produce bedsores. The nurses and certified nursing assistants are trained to help prevent bedsores, but you can also do your part by moving around a bit yourself if you can. This might mean getting up for a walk, but even moving around to different positions in the bed can help. Try to reposition yourself a little bit every couple of hours.

, You are more likely to get good care if you are nice and appreciative with your nurses. Ring for help only when you need it. How much your nurses visits will vary considerably with the severity of your condition.

After surgery, you are likely to be checked on every two to four hours. As time goes on you will be checked on less frequently.Remember that you are not the only patient in the hospital, and the nurse has many patients she must care for. It is important to be patient while being a patient.

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