How to Make Your Hospital Stay More Comfortable



Bring your own pillow.,
Bring a large thermos.,
Bring something to read.,
Bring something to watch.,
Bring music.,
Don’t forget the snacks.,
Bring your favorite toiletries.,
Pack a robe and slippers.

Hospital pillows are typically wrapped in plastic. For a good night’s sleep, you should probably bring one of your own. Hospital blankets are not as bad, but for sentimental purposes it might be nice to have a favorite blanket from home as well.Just the smell of your own pillow can be very comforting and help with healing by decreasing stress hormones.

, Nurses can be very busy, so they may not always deliver you water in a timely manner. Also, hospital cups may be small, and won’t insulate your warm beverages very well. Be prepared with your own large thermos or mug so that you can have something to sip on all day long., Books are a good way to occupy an otherwise slow day. If you plan to spend a lot of time reading, don’t forget your reading glasses if you wear them., Hospital TVs are small and can be hard to hear if you have a neighbor who is also watching. Bring a DVD player or a tablet with an online streaming account. Don’t forget earphones. You’ll need them to drown out other sounds.Check with the hospital before you bring an expensive electronic item. Some hospitals discourage or will not allow you to bring these items, as they do not want to be held liable if they go missing.

, Bring a CD player, tablet, or smartphone. Keep a lot of music on the phone. With a pair of earphones, you’ll have a good way to waste away the hours or, alternatively, block outside sounds while you curl up with a book.Again, check with the hospital before brining these items.

, Hospital food can be hard to stomach. Bring things that will keep well without refrigeration and do not require much if any preparation.Be aware that, depending upon procedure, specific health conditions, or your reason for hospitalization, this may not be recommended. You may have specific dietary recommendations to follow while in the hospital. Check with your doctor first.

Consider bringing granola bars, pastries, and fruit.
Sugary treats are tempting, but they aren’t particularly good for your health. If you are in the hospital, they might not be the best option for you.

, Consider bringing your body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, brush, shampoo, powder, and deodorant. The hospital should have some of these things, but they are typically of low quality. If you are attached to a particular product, especially a luxury product like a moisturizer, consider bringing it with you.

, Unless you want to share your rear end with the rest of the hospital, for the sake of your fellow patients, you should consider bringing something that is comfortable and covers you up better than a hospital gown. Bring non-slip slippers so that you can get in and out of bed with ease. If you are inclined to be cold, consider bringing a hat or coat as well.Alternatively, ask your nurse for multiple hospital gowns. You can wear one facing forward, the other backward, so that you are fully covered up.The hospital may also have pajama pants or a robe you can wear.

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