How to Make Your Hamster Live Longer



Keep your hamster’s cage in a safe place.,
Allow your hamster to live alone.,
Do not let your hamster out of his cage unsupervised.,
Choose the right wheel.

You should keep your hamster’s cage in a secure place away from direct sunlight. Do not keep your hamster’s cage in an area where small children or other pets may get at the cage. If a cage is knocked over or otherwise damaged, this could be deadly for your hamster.

Read reviews before purchasing a hamster cage. Not all hamster cages are created equal. If a lot of buyers report problems with a particular brand, go for a different option., Hamsters are territorial and do not get along with other hamsters, so it is best to let your hamster have his own cage. Introducing a new hamster to your hamster’s cage may stress him out and they may end up fighting. Stress can cause health problems and fights can lead to injuries, both of which can shorten a hamster’s lifespan. If you have to introduce a second hamster for some reason, do so gradually.

If you get a new hamster, make sure it’s of the same sex as your current hamster. Hamsters are very fertile and may breed if placed in the same cage as an opposite sex partner.You should introduce a hamster to a new friend when he’s still relatively young. Suddenly adding a new hamster when your hamster is a senior can be jarring.Keep hamsters in separate cages where they can see one another for about a week. Then, place them in the same cage. If they fight, separate them gently and allow them time to cool down before reintroducing them. Wear protective gloves when handling fighting hamsters, as they may scratch and bite when scared., Many people allow hamsters to roam their homes freely in a hamster ball. This can be a great way to exercise your hamster. However, a hamster should never be allowed to roam a house unattended. Hamsters can get caught in nooks and crannies in your home, roll down the stairs, or even accidentally get out of the house. If you use a hamster ball, make sure you supervise your hamster when he’s using the ball., A wheel that’s too small can cause injury and back pain for your hamster. This could limit his movement and discourage him from exercising. At minimum, the wheel you purchase should be 6.5 inches. Larger hamsters need wheels of at least 8 inches. It’s better to have a wheel that’s too big than too small, as a small wheel forces a hamster to arch his back. This is what leads to injury.

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