How to Make Your Crush Love You



Strike up a conversation.,
Send your crush flirtatious signals, and see if he or she responds.,
Make eye contact.

Conversing is a very effective way to get to know somebody and to see if he or she shares the same interests as you do. Starting a conversation or just a quick chat will also help you know whether he or she is into you or not. Keep it interesting!

Talk to him/her on a regular basis making small talk, but occasionally talk about more serious things or engage in a lengthy conversation. If the conversation naturally deepens and you start to share secrets or dreams, you will bond. Listen a lot, and respond compassionately. Don’t make the conversation all about you.Maybe you should go for broke. Consider it, anyway, when the time is right. Tell your crush how you really feel. Lay all your cards on the table at once. Just make sure you two are alone and that you say it as casually as possible.Try to be in the same groups if you go to the same school. Always smile at the crush but not too eagerly. Do it just enough to get him or her to smile back and walk over to you. Ask for his or her Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook because it’s less obvious than asking for a phone number, but you’ll have the details.;
, Try to send signals verbally and through body language. These signals of interest will let the crush know (consciously or subconsciously) that you are crushing on him or her, and he or she might just catch feelings for you.Give small hints with your body language. This may happen on its own. Watch for signs that your crush is doing this too. Open up to your crush, and don’t be afraid to show the person your vulnerable side. You need to let the crush know (wordlessly) that he or she is special.
Laugh a lot. Get a little flirty. Say the person’s name. People love hearing their name being said. Compliment the crush.
Touch your crush in a flirtatious way. Not in a creepy way. Touch the crush’s arm. It will show that you like the crush, but it will not make the crush think you want to date them if they do not want to. Just lightly touch his or her shoulder, or give him or her a high-five, or even a hug goodbye. Bite your lip, coyly smile when they tease you, run your fingers through your hair (always works), and blink more than usual., These things just happen. Getting someone to notice you is hard, as is keeping their attention. If you want someone to notice you, make eye contact, but not for too long. It’s sort of like playing with a small pet and dangling a string in their faces. Pulling the string back and forth keeps their attention.

This doesn’t mean you stare at the crush constantly. That can give anyone a big creep factor. To make eye contact with a crush, you should glance at him or her, smile, and then put your head down or look away shyly. This will give the crush a hint that you like him or her without freaking them out.Eye contact also conveys confidence, which is appealing to most people because it’s a way of building intimacy. People who are in love have more eye contact, studies show.

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