How to Make Your Crush Love You



Look your best but, most importantly, be your natural self.,
Smile a lot, and keep a positive attitude.,
Be confident in yourself.

Be honest with yourself and think: How neat and self-caring are you? Do you take care of your body? Don’t be egotistical and self-centered, but do try your best to look good.

Have a sense of fashion. You don’t have to be a top-notch fashionista, but keeping your look up-to-date and funky will most definitely help catch your crush’s eye. Looking fresh never hurt anybody. Maybe pick one day a week to dress up a little bit, but make it normal and not too forced
Look decent and approachable. If you wear dirty, sloppy clothing, your crush may not want to talk to you. If you are going to buy some new items for your wardrobe, make sure they are your style! Figure out what matches your personality and accents your best points.
Make sure that you smell good and are clean. You might want to try wearing a light perfume. Have a distinct scent. Wear perfume/cologne, put on deodorant, brush your teeth and chew gum.

, People want to be with people who seem happy and fun, not grouchy and negative. Your attitude can go a long way.

The person you have your eye on is more likely to be kind if you have open posture, smile, and welcome them warmly, either by waving or smiling mischievously. Act happy to see someone, but not so happy they think that you’re stalking them. Animals do this to human beings all the time. They act happy to see you, and people become happy to see them. People even look forward to seeing them. It really works.
Try to be nice to everyone and don’t say bad things about other people. What goes around, comes around. They will notice how you treat other people. Ego and arrogance is never appealing. Be associated with positive things., Don’t change who you are or make excuses. Game playing and people who shape-shift to become someone they aren’t will turn people off. People like a bit of mystery, and they are drawn to confident people.

Have a life outside of them. The more you do, the more interesting you become. The more interesting you become, the more intrigued your crush will become about you.
Whether it’s your body shape or your witty comebacks, you have a strong suit. Figure it out, and once you do, work on bringing it out.
If you have to change yourself to get your crush to like you, they’re probably not worth it. Most crushes don’t last more than four months, and someone better might come along.

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