How to Make Toys for Hamsters



Choose a material.,
Measure the length of the cage.,
Grab a cardboard box.,
Place the platform.,
If you have a wire cage, cut the remaining pieces off, but leave 1 inch (2.5 cm) on both sides for supporters.

Add different bridges and cross-overs to your hamster’s cage.

No matter what type of cage you have (glass aquarium, plastic, metal bars, even bird cages!) you can make platforms! If you are going for a cheap and inexpensive way, use cardboard. It is easy to cut and use (Just grab them at your local store and ask for a medium to large size cardboard box). Wood platforms are a little more expensive and time consuming. You must use a saw to cut the wood.

, Where would you like the platform? How high should it be?

, Cut it at the same length (If you have a glass or plastic cage) or 2 inches (5.1 cm) over the length (for wire cages).

, Now if you have a wire cage, slide it in. If you have a glass cage, duct tape it around all the sides and bottom or the platform.

,, Link together ropes and ladders, cardboard pieces, and yarn to create a hamster heaven!

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