How to Make Toys for Hamsters



Cut off the slots of the container.,
Use the scissors and cut a hole in the middle of the container.,
Cut out various shapes in the container for the hamster to run in and out} (e.g squares, circles).,
Glue wrapping paper onto your container using non-toxic glue, if desired.This is to make the toy prettier.,

This is for the hamster to enter or leave the container. Make sure that you do not use a tissue box or any other cardboard box with ink on it, if parts of the box are chewed and swallowed the ink can be harmful to your hamster.

, This is for the hamster to be able to run out of the container from the hole.

You can bend the container and poke a hole in the middle first before cutting out the shape of a circle.

, The size of the shapes will depend on the size of your hamster

, Let the glue dry up first before letting your hamsters play.

, You are finished with your final product. Now you can let your hamster play with its new toy.

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