How to Make Someone Fall Out of Love with You



Consider your decision carefully.,
Discuss your feelings and decision with the individual.,
Accept that the other person is entitled to react as they choose.

Do not flippantly decide to terminate a relationship or convince an individual that you are not worth loving. Before you take any actions you may later regret, pause to contemplate your desire to emotionally distance yourself from this person. Furthermore, determine if you can commit to cutting this individual out of your life., It is possible to end a relationship or clarify any misconceptions in a respectful, courteous, and civil manner. Engage this individual in an honest and open dialogue about your decision to terminate the relationship or your lack of romantic feelings towards them. After you have explained yourself, stop talking and allow the person to respond.Avoid pointing the finger at the other person.
Use “I-statements” to communicate your feelings. (“I feel ___ when you ___ because ___”).

, It is unrealistic to assume that you are capable of or entitled to controlling someone’s emotions. This person is not required to reciprocate your desire to move on or your lack of romantic feelings. Allow them to feel what they feel and give them the time and space they need to process this change.

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