How to Make Quick and Easy Hamster Treats



Add some sesame seeds and oats into the bowl.,
Crush the cheerios in a bag.,
Add the cheerios into the mixture.,
Get your clean tablespoon and use it to drizzle the honey onto your mixture.

Mix it around.

Use your fingers to mould the mixture into small balls for your hamster to hold.,
Heat the oven to 190C and put your treats in the oven for 5-10 minutes using a baking tray.

When they are done, leave them to cool.,
Keep them somewhere cool and feed to your hamster occasionally.

, use them when they are in small pieces, but NOT dust.

, Mix around.

,,, This will take time and patience because many of the balls fall apart. Put them on your plate. When you have finished, put the plate in the fridge for 10-20mins.

,, It doesn’t matter if they are a little burnt!


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