How to Make Nutritional Guinea Pig Treats



Gather a celery stalk and a carrot.,
Slide the carrot inside the celery stick.,
Put some leaves under the carrot to make it tastier.,

The celery stalk should be twice as long or longer than the carrot. Take some celery leaves off the stalk to make it tastier for the guinea pig.

Remove the celery veins; these can present a choking hazard.;
, Break or cut the celery in half, and slide the carrots in one of the halves. Then put the other carrot on top of the enfolded carrots to make a capsule-like treat, covering the carrots inside.

, Some guinea pigs like the leaves, some like the stalks, others like both. You’ll discover this by watching your own guinea pig as it eats. Put as much variety in the treat as you can.

, Watch your guinea pig munch away on this treat. Success!

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