How to Make Kitten Toys



Find a sturdy stick or dowel.,
Cut a length of string or fishing line.,
Attach the string to the dowel.,
Tie the feathers onto the length of string.

Usually your feather toy won’t require a stick longer than two feet, but depending on your height you may want to select a stick that’s a bit longer. As for thickness, you should try to find a stick that’s around a half inch in diameter—any slimmer and it might snap while your kitten is playing with it.;
, Fishing line is usually the best choice for making feather toys because it’s easy to work with and very strong. Fishing line has the added benefit of being hard to see, causing your kitten to focus more on the feathered end of the toy and avoid getting tangled up in the line. If you don’t have fishing line, any thin, sturdy string will do.

, Use some strong tape to affix your string to the dowel, making sure to wrap the tape tightly. While masking tape is an acceptable choice, electrical tape is even better. Electrical tape will wrap tighter and last longer than masking or scotch tape.

While tape usually gets the job done, you may also want to consider drilling a small hole in the dowel and threading the string through the hole. Be sure to tie a knot at one end of the string to prevent it from slipping through.

, There are a few methods you could use to attach the feathers, but the most secure way is to pierce a small hole in through the hollow, quill end of the feather and thread your string through. Be sure to thread all your feathers onto the string before tying off the end with a knot.Feathers can usually be found a craft store and are typically inexpensive. Resist the temptation to use wild bird feathers that may be laying around your yard or neighborhood, as they haven’t been sterilized and may make your kitten sick.
When making your holes, a needle or awl will usually be sufficient to pierce the quill.
You may also want to attach a few small bells or rattles to your feather toy by threading them onto the string the same way you attached the feathers. Your kitten may respond better to the toy if there’s sound involved.

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