How to Make Kitten Toys



Stand a toilet paper tube upright.,
Draw a circle around the tubes on a piece of cardboard.,
Cut the circles out.,
Tape one circle to the end of the tube.,
Put some cat food or treats in the tube.,
Close the roll with the other circle.,
Punch small holes in the top and bottom of the tube.,
Decorate the toy.

Observe the tube to make sure it is free from any traces of toilet paper and isn’t bent or damaged.

, The circles will need to be a little larger in diameter than the tubes themselves. Place your pen or marker about half an inch out from the edge of the tube and draw a consistent circle all the way around it. Making the circle larger will make it easier to attach to the end of the tube.

If you prefer, you can use your first circle as a template for making your second. Simply cut the first circle out and use it as a stencil to draw another.

, Using a pair of scissors or an X-acto knife, cut out the circles you drew and set them aside. It’s okay if your circles aren’t perfect, as your kitten will probably make quick work of biting and clawing the cardboard anyway.

, Using a sturdy masking tape, attach the cardboard circle to one end of the tube as shown. You’ll need to leave the other end open to add treats. Apply the tape liberally to make sure it doesn’t come off right away—your cat will enjoy the toy more if they are able to play with it longer before getting the treats inside.

, Pour some dry cat food into the roll for your cat to enjoy once it has successfully opened the toy. In addition to making a rattling sound while your kitten is playing with it, the scent from the food will also encourage your cat to play with the toy until it has discovered the treat.

This kind of toy is often referred to as a puzzle feeder, and is designed to develop your kitten’s instinctive hunting and problem-solving skills. The toilet paper roll is an example of a basic puzzle feeder, but there are many different varieties to choose from as your cat gets older and more capable., Tape the tube shut the same way you did with the first circle, making sure to achieve a good seal.

, Using a pair of scissors, and awl, or even a sharp pencil, make small holes in the cardboard circles you taped onto the tube. It’s important not to make the holes too big as your kitten will make the holes bigger with its teeth. These holes are also important because they allow your kitten to smell the contents of the toy.

, If you’re so inclined, you can decorate your toy by using brightly colored paper or drawing designs on it with markers. Be sure to use pet safe materials and to supervise your kitten at all times when it’s playing with the toy.

Most paper is pet safe, but make sure your kitten doesn’t swallow small pieces of it or it might become a choking hazard.
If you use markers to decorate your toy, make sure they’re non-toxic.

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