How to Make Hamster Treats



Pick ingredients that are good for hamsters.,
Avoid ingredients that are toxic to hamsters.,
Make sure your hamster has a balanced diet.,
Remove uneaten treats.

Supplementing your hamster’s basic diet with treats is fine, as long at the treats you give it are good for it. These are foods that your hamster shouldn’t eat on a daily basis but that are good to give it every once in awhile. Some treats that are good to give a hamster include:Sunflower seeds
Alfalfa pellets
, There are some foods that we keep in our kitchens that can be very bad for hamsters, as their digestive systems are not able to process them. Foods to keep away from your hamster include:Chocolate
Junk food
Uncooked beans

, While it is very fun to give a hamster treats that it is excited to eat, your hamster needs to eat a variety of foods. Your hamster’s main diet should be a commercial mix that is specially formulated to its dietary needs. Treats, on the other hand, should be given as a small supplement to its main diet.

Give your hamster treats sparingly. There is a reason they are called “treats.”
Try giving your hamster just one or two treats a day to supplement its normal diet. For example, this means only a small chunk of apple and a small piece of carrot in a day. They really don’t need much!, If your hamster doesn’t eat all of its treat, you should take it out to the hamster’s cage. Your hamster is likely to hide it, where it can become moldy and spoiled.

Hamsters like to hide their food, so an empty dish does not mean that they have eaten everything. When you clean your hamster’s cage, be sure to be on the lookout for spots where they have hidden pieces of their food.

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