How to Make Hamster Treats



Collect ingredients.Peanut butter treats combine peanut butter, the hamster’s regular food, seeds, and a hamster chew stick.,
Apply peanut butter to the chew sticks.This can be done simply by dipping the chews into a container of peanut butter or by using a knife to apply the peanut butter onto the chews.,
Roll the peanut butter covered sticks in seeds and regular food.Combine all the seeds and food that you are using for this project on a plate or other dish that will give you enough surface area to roll the sticks around.,
Place sticks in freezer.Place the seed and peanut butter covered chewing sticks on a plate or pan that will be ok in the freezer.,
Give one of the treats to your hamster!

These sticks can be bought at almost any pet store.

Hamster chew sticks are made to wear down the hamster’s teeth, so that they don’t get overgrown. This is important for your hamster’s health.
The amount of ingredients you will need varies. If you just want to make one or two hamster treats, then you will only need one or two chew sticks, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and one or two tablespoons of seed and food mixture.

, This can be a messy process, so keep that in mind before starting.

, Then place the peanut butter covered sticks into the seeds and food, making sure to cover the whole surface.

You may want to lay the sticks onto the surface of the seed mixture, then grab some mixture in your hand, and then sprinkle the mixture onto the top side of the stick, this will allow you to make sure that all surfaces are covered evenly.

, Then place the pan in the freezer until the treats are hard. This usually takes an hour or two, depending on your freezer.

Freezing the treats will make them easy to handle for your hamster. Otherwise, they would be a gooey mess!

, To make treat time more stimulating, you can tie the treat up so that it dangles in your hamster’s cage. The hamster then has to do a little bit of work to get to it. This could mean the hamster has to be on its hind legs to get it or it has to climb in the cage to reach the treat.If you have made multiple peanut butter treats, keep the extras in the freezer! You want them to stay firm for the next time you want to give your hamster a treat.

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