How to Make Hamster Treats



Gather ingredients.,
Mix all ingredients.,
Mold into the shapes you want.,
Put the treats in the microwave for 4 minutes.

When making treats for hamsters, it’s a good idea to combine their usual food with a few additional ingredients. This recipe as it is should make enough treats to feed to a hamster for several weeks, because they should be fed a limited amount of treats. A combination of these items will give your hamster a little thrill while also giving it excellent nutrition:1 teaspoon sunflower seeds
3 tablespoons hamster food, including pellets and seeds
3 table spoons wholegrain flour
3 tablespoons hot water

, Add all your dry ingredients into a small bowl and stir until well combined. Then add the hot water and mix all of this together until it forms into a sticky consistency.

The mixture should be stiff enough to mold into a loose shape. If the mixture is too watery, add in another teaspoon of wholegrain flour.

, Remember not too big, as your hamster will have difficulty munching on a treat that is too big. Depending on the size you make, this recipe should make at least a dozen treats. Put all your small treats on a microwaveable plate when you are done shaping them.

Try shaping the mix into cute little shapes, such as hearts. This will make watching your hamster eat its treats even cuter.

, At the halfway point (2 minutes), make sure you turn the treats over. This will assure that they are fully cooked on both sides.

Cooking the treats cooks the flour and makes the treat solid.
Be careful when turning the treats over and removing the plate from the microwave. It will be hot!
Alternately, you could bake the treat on a baking sheet for a few minutes at a low temperature. Keep a close eye on them while they are in the oven, as the goal is for them to solidify but not to brown.
Let cool! And then you’re done!

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