How to Make Hamster Health Food



Watch for diarrhea or constipation.,
Avoid overfeeding your hamster.,
Talk to a vet about your hamster’s dietary needs.

If you’re feeding your hamster homemade food, you want to keep an eye on his droppings. Hamsters can have sensitive stomachs and certain foods may not sit well with them. If you notice your hamster is experiencing diarrhea, try altering his diet. If you’ve recently started feeding him a particular type of food, remove that from the mix and see if it helps.

, When using homemade food, it can be tough to judge how much is enough for your hamster. As stated, most hamsters eat about 10 to 12 grams of a dried food mix a day. Invest in a small scale for your kitchen and try to feed your hamster around that much.

If your hamster gains or loses weight on a homemade diet, talk to your vet. Your vet can give you advice on how to alter your hamster’s diet to make sure he’s getting enough food.

, Before starting any new feeding regimen with a hamster, talk to your vet. Hamsters need specific vitamins and nutrients to be healthy. If you’re trying to make food yourself, you’ll need some professional guidance. You want to make sure your hamster can live a long, full life.

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