How to Make Hamster Food, Water and Bedding Choices



Choose good bedding.,
Spread the bedding thickly enough that your hamster can burrow in in it.,
Pick appropriate food.,
Feed your hamster every day.,
Maintain a steady diet.,
Play with your hamster.,
Give your hamster water, ideally in a plastic bottle.

The best bedding is shredded toilet paper or a type of soft bedding (like Carefresh, which can be dusty, or Kaytee Clean and Cozy), or aspen bedding. All three are practically harmless.

Some types of bedding can be hazardous to your hamster. Any fluffy bedding, such as cotton, can KILL your hamster.
If you use wood shavings, avoid cedar and pine. It releases aromatic oils that can be fatal to your hamster(s). aspen is probably your best choice;
, About four inches should be enough

, Never try to make your own food, because your hamsters will miss out on some of the essential nutrients they need to survive. They like variety, so try to buy food with different food types.

19% protein, 6% fat and 8% fiber is the ideal nutrition content. If the protein is a bit low, you can supplement the food with dried mealworms. The same goes for if the food is a bit low in fiber. Supplementing the mix with high-fiber foods works well.
Harry/Hazel Hamster and Burgess Dwarf are both the best and most superior hamster food choices in America.

, Remove old or stale food regularly. Thea mounts will depend on which food you have.

, Do not change your hamsters’ food or diet suddenly; take it slow. Add a little more of the new food every couple of days until all your hamster’s food is the new kind. Always supplement their diet with fresh, safe vegetables, as well as other non-vegetable treats (if your hamster is a winter white or a Chinese hamster refrain from feeding fruit) such as non-citrus fruit, hard-boiled egg, etc. Keep the amounts small though! Only about a nail-sized cube of extras per day.

, Hide the food around the cage for them to find. Don’t do this too much, though, as they may not be able to find it, and the food will go stale. Remove any leftover hidden food when you change the bedding. Also, have them run around on the ground freely but you must be watching them. Always keep them away from corners and wires.


If you use a plastic bottle, make sure that the ball is metal, not plastic. Bottles are easier to handle and keep the water cleaner. A bottle will need its water regularly changed, about thrice a week or more if the hamster is a little messier.

If you use a bowl, which is the more natural choice, choose one that is about 1 1⁄2 inch (3.8 cm) tall and fill it about halfway. A bowl will need its water regularly changed; about once a day or more if the hamster is a little messier.

Hamsters prefer bottled water, but it isn’t necessary for them to survive.

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