How to Make Friends with Your Crush when You’re a Klutz Around Him



Remind yourself of a recent accomplishment.,
Take a few deep breaths.,
Repeat positive mantras to yourself.,
Pay attention to body language.,
Recognize the signs of your own fear and anxiety.,
Remember your past moments of clumsiness and relax.

Think about something that you’ve done recently that makes you proud. Try to conjure up the details of this accomplishment right before you know you’re about to run into your crush. If you run into him unexpectedly, then take a few seconds to think of what you can do and compose yourself.

For example, you might think of a time when you weren’t clumsy, such as when you won that marathon the other day.
You could also recall how you improved your grades in a certain class. If you work hard enough at anything, you can improve it.;
, If you’ve just tripped or if you start stuttering, calm your nerves by exhaling and inhaling a number of times before continuing. Try inhaling slowly as you count to five, then exhale slowly as you count to five. This will allow you to collect your thoughts and refocus before proceeding.

If your crush questions what you are doing, you might say, “Oh, I’ve just got a lot going on. I was trying to clear my mind so I could pay attention to you.”

, There is a great deal of power in positive thinking. So, if you’ve had a bad day and something happened in front of your crush, then you might want to tell yourself, “It’s just one day,” or “I can do this.” Eventually you will start to believe your own words.

You might say to yourself, “You have too much going on to worry about this. Let’s move on.” Or, “Let’s make tomorrow a better day.”

, If you find yourself closing your body off after an embarrassing moment, force yourself to adopt an open stance. Uncross your arms and legs. Lift your head and look around. Make eye contact with those persons near you.You can also subtly flirt with your crush by touching your face or neck. You may notice that they start to mirror your movements as well.

, Start paying close attention to your body and your emotions. If you notice that you start to feel jittery right before you get really clumsy, then use this as a sign that you probably need to go sit down somewhere. Or, if your mind feels as if it racing before you begin to stutter, then try to calm down before speaking., Take a moment to recall how you’ve survived all sorts of crazy incidents in the past. This will remind you that you are a survivor. In fact, many of the incidents that you remember can’t even be recalled by your crush. When you feel as if you can’t go on, just think about how you’ve had this emotion before and you’ve done just fine.

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