How to Make Friends with Your Crush when You’re a Klutz Around Him



Laugh off any accidents.,
Swap embarrassing stories with others.,
Talk about what you love.,
Recognize if he is nervous, too.,
Don’t be put off by his silence.,
Focus on minor details around you.,
Feel out his interest level with casual questions.,
Ask your friends for help.

Right after you do something clumsy, come up laughing. This takes a potentially negative moment and makes it into a positive one. It also makes it less likely that anyone will try to pick on you because of the incident. They are more likely to laugh right along.

, This is a good way to build community with others on the basis of what might have seemed like a negative event. They will likely agree with you and may even tell you a few stories of their own.You could say, “I hate when I trip over my own feet. Have you ever done that before?”

, If gracefulness isn’t your strong suit, switch the subject to something that you are good at. When you start to talk about something that you are passionate about, others will instantly be interested and will forget any prior actions on your part. The dopamine that comes from relieving a hobby of yours will also help to calm your nerves down.For example, you might say, “I just went to this amazing concert last week. Let me tell you guys all about it.”

, Just after you’ve had a clumsy moment, take a second to look closely at your crush. You may seem that he is sweating a bit or perhaps wringing his hands too. These are signs that he is nervous as well. It means that you are not alone.You can also watch for erratic eye contact. If he can’t look you directly in the face, he may be nervous. He may blush as well.

, Your crush might be shy. Or, he might feel bad for you after an embarrassing moment and not know what to say. Give him the benefit of the doubt and don’t expect too much conversation until you get to know him better. Be patient and keep trying to reach out to him in friendship.You might start by simply saying, “Hi!” on a regular basis. If he responds, great. If not, then keeping moving on.

, If you are talking with your crush and his friends and find yourself growing more nervous, turn your attention to your surroundings. Look at the people around you and pay attention to what they are wearing. Try to pick out your favorite elements of the room that you are in. Try to stay engaged but a bit distracted at the same time., If you want to gauge your crush’s level of interest in you, without resorting to klutzy questioning, then try to talk with him about relationships and friendships in general. Ask him about his closest friends. Talk to him about his family relationships.Pay attention to not only what he says, but how he answers the questions as well. Does he give you his full attention or are you an afterthought?
You might say, “Tell me about your best friend. You said that he lives out of town, right?”

, Tell your friends about your dilemma and ask them to walk around with you when you might run into your crush. They will hopefully distract everyone from anything embarrassing that you might do. They can also talk about your positive traits and give you a dose of needed confidence. Make sure to return the favor when you can.

You might tell your friends, “I could really use your help when I’m around my crush. If you could start talking to everyone or distract them if I do something klutzy, that would be great.”

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