How to Make (Flavored) Suet Cakes for Birds



Add the melted fat and peanut butter to the mixing bowl.,
Add some cornmeal.,
Chop and/or grind some ingredients.,
Add the fruits to the grinder.,
Add the ground fruits and seeds to the mixture.

If you find that the mixture is still not dry enough, add more bird seed.,
Add some chili.,
Make sure that the mixture is now the right consistency.

About two to three tablespoons of peanut butter should be sufficient but gauge this by the consistency.

, A cup should do it here; you still want a liquid consistency, so again, gauge it as you add the ingredient.

, Go ahead and take all your seeds and anything else that’s hard and suitable for bird feed that you wish to add. Grind them––a simple coffee grinder works fine.

, Chopping the stickier ones before adding the rest is always good, so they don’t make a mess (and they’ll grind with more ease).

,, Another thing you can do is continue stirring; lard and most fats get stiffer the more you stir them.

, The chili doesn’t change the taste too much; it mostly keeps away the pesky squirrels. If you don’t have squirrels, skip this step.

, You should have a light brown solution that is finally hard to stir.

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