How to Make Dwarf Hamsters Stop Biting the Cage



Try a different cage.,
Give him alternatives.,
Consider using a bite deterrent.

If your hamster continues to chew the bars of his cage, and you’ve ruled out teeth management as the cause, you may want to consider keeping him in a glass aquarium tank instead of a traditional cage.Some hamster owners actually find that a glass enclosure is easier to clean than a metal or plastic cage, and is less likely to need repairs or replacement., If your hamster isn’t interested in using his wood chew, try rubbing a carrot or apple on the wood.If he still doesn’t respond well to his wood chew, try giving him hard-shelled nuts to chew on., If all else fails, and you cannot move your hamster into a glass enclosure, you may want to consider using a bite-deterrent spray on the bars of your hamster’s cage. Bite-deterrent sprays use a bitter tasting liquid, like lemon juice or apple vinegar, to make the surface of the bars undesirable to your hamster. You may also use a small amount of olive oil. These products are often used successfully by other cage-biting pets, like ferrets, and may work for your stubborn hamster as a last resort.You can also cover the bars with a thin layer of olive oil.

Never spray the bars while your hamster is in his cage, as this may cause him to be inadvertently sprayed, which would be unpleasant.
Always take your hamster out of his cage before spraying the bars, and be sure that the spray has dried before you return him to his enclosure.

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