How to Make Cute Pictures of Your Hamster



You’ll need a great lighting area, preferably on the balcony (but be careful if you live in an apartment because the hamster could fall), a closed window, or just in your house.,
Get the right timing.,
Check the weather.,
Make sure your hamster is tidy, well groomed, and is in an enthusiastic and joyful mood.,
Get your camera equipment.,
Recheck every step and make sure everything is OK and you are ready.,
Welcome your model and make sure it’s comfortable around its settings.,
Comfort it with your hands, softly and gently place it onto the setting of your picture.,
Get your hamster in the pose you want.,
If you didn’t succeed, that’s okay.,
Add some effects or corrections to your picture.,
Add a little text.,
Have your BFF or one of your friends look at the finished result first.,
Celebrate, as your friends says how cute it is.

Any would be fine, and make sure the area is bug-free, food-free, and hazard-free as these can harm your hamster.

Make sure you carry your hamster in either a travel cage, a bucket that’s safe, or anything else that your hamster could fit in and breathe if you are going outdoors.
Try to avoid people walking dogs outdoors because the dog could try to bite the hamster or eat it, or even play with it which could suffocate your hamster if the dog steps on it.
It is not recommended to let your hamster roam around indoors(unless you hamster-proofed your house) while you try to take pictures of it.;
, Maybe in the morning? Might be good, but really cute hamster pictures have the hamsters in a soothing light source. Noon and afternoon would be also great, but it would usually be the sunniest and warmest which could harm hamsters as they cannot go in direct sunlight. The best time would be before noon, around 11:00 AM. Usually, the sun isn’t so direct, and the light is perfect outdoors. Now for indoor pictures, noon would be the perfect time for you (unless your apartment/house window is facing the sun directly, then afternoon would do). Open up those curtains, let the sun shine across to the building in front of your house and the lighting wouldn’t hurt your hamster nor be too dark.

, Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is it cloudy? Is it sunny? If it is sunny(not too much sun), then you can skip this step right away.


If your hamster is excited and extremely active, wait for it to settle down before you continue.
Feed your hamster some treats before and during the photo shoot, to keep them in a happy mood. Award the model, not the photographer.

, Might be your brand new iPhone 6, might be your good old trusty iPhone 4S, might be your fantastical Samsung Galaxy Note 3, or it might be a digital camera which works extremely well and is excellent for you. Get any camera supply, the better it is the more realistic and cute it will be. Use a tripod if you are taking a picture of your hamster on a high stool or chair, something high.

Get this ready before you take the picture, as it’s very important to prepare before you’re ready.

, Prepare the model, setup your supplies, get the perfect angle ready by checking your camera, making sure you have time, etc.

, It might be curious, but try to keep it still the best you could.

, Talk to it or make noises so your hamster gets curious and stays still.

, Staring into the horizon, looking straight at the camera, standing up, smelling something, leaning forward, anything you think would be cute.

Your hamster may be distracted by your hands by doing this, so it’s better to let it do the pose itself.

, Before it turns away, snap a picture when its in the perfect pose! Be fast!

, Repeat step 3 and step 4 and try again. If you did succeed, congrats! Look at your final best cutest picture, and think about is it good enough and/or cute enough.

, Not too much because you want it to look natural and realistic for the cuteness.

, Maybe your hamster is screaming, “WHAT IN THE HAMMIES IS THAT?!”, and in a pose where it’s standing up and facing something. Suit the text to the surroundings and the angle and the hamster’s pose. Think of something funny, or something cute for your hamsters to say. If it’s an exclamation, consider using words like hammies or hamsters, or use your hamster’s favourite things. Like,“What in the sunflower seeds is that?!” would work.

, Ask them if it’s cute or not. It would be best to ask best friends, as usually BFFs tell you ACTUALLY what’s cute and what’s not.

, Post the picture on Facebook and other social medias as you’d like, add a little caption to it or something to say to go with it, or you could just keep the picture for yourself to show to your family and friends.

, Celebrate with your hamster by sharing a couple pieces of sunflower seeds, and to reward your little furry for being a fantastic model.

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