How to Make Catnip Filled Sock Toys



Find an old unwanted sock.,
Slide a toilet roll inside the sock.,
Stuff some dried catnip into the sock.

Tie the loose end of the sock in knot.,
Cut out two eye shapes from felt.,

Check that it is free of holes, or the catnip will fall out.;
, Push it down to the toe section; it should reach back to around the heel area.

,, This forms the tail, while the toilet roll end forms the body of the catnip sock.

, Glue to the front of the fish for its eyes. Be sure to use non-toxic glue.

If wished, you can also add a felt smile.

, Toss it kitty and see if the fish is attacked. If your cat likes this, it will bring hours of play.

The catnip fish sock can also be attached to a string and dangled over the cat, for some “fishing” fun.

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