How to Make Catnip Filled Sock Toys



Find a suitable sock.,
Push a handful of dried catnip into the toe zone of the sock.,
Tie the end of the sock together.,
Add a face to the catnip mouse sock.,
See if your cat likes this new mouse in the house.

The ideal sock is either a child’s sock or a small adult’s ankle sock.

, When you’re satisfied that there is enough in there, also stuff in a filling, such as scrap fabric, toy stuffing, etc. Be sure to choose infill that is safe for the cat.

, Use yarn and tie with a strong knot. There should be a little tuft of sock left hanging out for the mouse’s “tail”.

If you wish, make the yarn long enough so that this can be a dangling toy. If you leave the toy lying around, keep the yarn short and clipped close to the mouse.

, Use a fabric pen to draw a face on the toe end of the sock. Draw on whiskers and ears as well. Alternatively, glue on felt pieces, using non-toxic glue.


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