How to Make Cat Toys



Make pretend prey.,
Scrunch up a piece of paper.,
Use a flashlight or laser lights to act as fast-moving prey.,
Make prey from old socks with holes in them.,
Use a stick from your yard and tie a string to either end as tightly as you can.,
Make a bird.,
Make a mouse.,
Make a snake.

Quite a few things can appear like prey to your playful cat, from pieces of paper, to dangling strings to even you.;
, Attach a piece of string to the scrunched up paper. Dangle it over kitty to make the “prey” come to life.

, Cats can chase the beam for ages and they may even stalk it. It can be easy for kitty to run into things when using a flashlight for prey, so be sure to play where it’s safe.

, Simply tie an old sock onto a string and wiggle it around the ground. It’s a good idea to wash the socks first.

, Then, add a toy or paper ball to the end. Cats love this. Try tying a toy to the end of a child-sized fishing rod for extra fun.

, What cat isn’t tempted to chase a bird? Create a base for the bird by using a tennis ball and a golf ball. Glue the golf ball onto the tennis ball in a position that resembles a head on a bird’s body. If you have fabric, glue this around the tennis and golf balls with non-toxic glue. For a tail, use pieces of ribbon or string and attach them to the other side of the tennis ball. Add pompom balls for eyes or draw your own with a nontoxic marker. Attach fishing wire to the top of the tennis ball and tie the other end to a stick.

, The most typical prey of all, you must have a mouse toy for your cat! Take two large pompom balls (these sure are handy!) and glue them together. Then take a large square of grey felt and fold it in half. Cut a teardrop shape that is large enough to cover the pompoms. Once you finish cutting, you should have two teardrop shapes that are attached on one side. Place the pompom balls inside, as if you were creating a taco. Secure the open side with non-toxic glue or sew the opening closed. Draw (with non-toxic markers, of course!) two eyes and add a string or ribbon tail.

Another mouse possibility: Cut out two round pieces of cloth or scrap fabric. Make each the same size. Draw a face on the first piece of cloth to look like a mouse. Stuff some catnip in with the stuffing. Sew half of the mouse, then put the catnip and stuffing inside. Finish sewing up the mouse. If you want it to have a tail, break a hair tie in half and cut a little hole in the cloth. Tie the hair tie around it and sew the rest together. If you think your cat would like it better if it was attached to a string, go ahead.
Another mouse: Stuff an old sock with crunched paper. Sew a black button onto the end of the sock. Sew two other yellow buttons for the eyes. Find a thick piece of string for the tail. Get a flashlight and put the pretend mouse under the light. Move the light at the same time move the mouse. The kitten will try to catch it.

, Given the chance, some farm and outdoor cats do kill snakes, so it’s an innate instinct to chase after a snake. To make a snake for kitty, take at least three toilet paper rolls (or if you want a bigger snake, paper towel rolls). Find a piece of string that is long enough to be fed through all the rolls and glue it inside each of the paper towel rolls to connect them. This allows the snake to bend flexibly. Cover the entire snake with green cloth and decorate as wished. Leave an opening and one end so you can place treats inside for your kitty to discover.

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