How to Make Cat Toys out of Common Household Items



Cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangular shape.,
Fold the cardboard over and poke the end of the string through it.,
Draw the cardboard up the string a bit and fold over the bottom.,
Hold the end of the string and wave the cardboard near your cat.

As an alternative, you can simply use an empty cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper.;
, Thread the string so that you will be able to dangle the cardboard securely from the end. The toy should begin to look like a pendulum that you will swing in front of your cat.

, This will keep the cardboard sitting on the string and hold the toy together while you move it around.

, The goal is to make the toy agile and maneuverable so that when you move it, it will look as much as possible like a living thing. This allows your pet to feel like it is catching prey.

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