How to Make Cat Toys out of Common Household Items



Get a sock, some yarn, catnip, scissors, and a sewing needle and thread.,
Cut the heel off the sock.,
Fill the sock piece with catnip.,
Insert one end of the yarn or thread into the sock’s hole.,
Make the ears.,
Sew the ears on near the front of the toy.,
Twist the leg part of the sock to form a tail.,
Give the toy to your cat.

If you do not have yarn, you may use thread in its place.

, Now the base of the sock should resemble a bag. This will be the rat’s body.

, This step is optional, as your cat will probably want to chase a rodent-shaped toy with or without the incentive of catnip., Sew it closed. You can decide how tightly you want to sew the body shut. Some cats may want to open the toy up to access the catnip more directly; other cats may be content playing with the toy as it is.

, Do this by cutting two circles out of the scraps from the heel of the sock.

, The toy should begin to take shape at this point.

, You can sew the “tail” in place, but if you’re using catnip you’ll want to refresh the filling from time to time. It may be easier to bind the tail shut with a stretchy fabric length or ribbon.

, As with other predator/prey cat toys, this should spark your cat’s natural instinct to hunt.

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