How to Make Cat Toys out of Common Household Items



Find a pretty long flexible belt or thick string, about 3 feet (0.9 m) long or more.,
Tie the stuffed animal to the string or flexible belt.,
Play with the toy.

Also find an old stuffed animal. It is best to use a toy that you do not have any emotional attachment to, as your cat may shred and tear the toy apart.

, Thread through a hole or simply tie around the toy.

Ribbon can also be used.

, This toy is similar to the puppet and fishing toys in terms of design, and you can use the string or ribbon to manipulate the toy in a way that mimics real-life animal movements. This kind of play is exciting and enriching for cats. There are a few options here:

Drag or wave in front of your cat (this works best with kittens). Let her figure out what it is, then play away.
You can use this toy to teach a kitten how to get up a ladder, which leads to a bed, shelf, or designated cat space. Having a space designated just for your cat to “escape” from the rest of the house can be just as beneficial as play.Walk around the house dragging the toy. This is useful if your cat wants to go outside but you want to keep her in. It’s also good for making her tired.
Tie this toy to door handles for when you’re away from home.

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