How to Make Cat Toys out of Common Household Items



Find a long stick.,
Attach a small cluster of feathers to the stick.,
Wiggle the toy around.

The longer the stick is, the better: you want to allow your cat to scratch and lunge at the toy without scratching your hand or arm.

Do not poke your cat with the stick. This could cause serious injury to your pet. For this reason, you may want to attach something soft and blunt to the end of the stick, like cotton balls or a cut-open ping pong ball.

, These can either be attached directly to the end of the stick, or to the soft cotton or ping pong ball cap affixed to the stick. Cats tend to like feathered toys because they resemble birds, a natural prey animal for cats.Glue is the strongest adhesive, but if your cat chews off any excess glue it could cause serious illness. For this reason, you may want to tape the feather to the stick.

, You can pull the feather stick across the floor, dangle it in the air, or see what your cat will come up with on its own.

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