How to Make Cat Toys out of Common Household Items



Find a small stuffed animal.,
Cut a small hole in the bottom of the stuffed animal.,
If stuffing is leaking out, remove enough of it so that your cat will not try to pull out or eat the stuffing.,
Squirt a small dab of glue onto one end of the straw.,
Hold the end of the straw and wave it around in front of your cat.

It’s best if the stuffed animal looks like something your cat would want to chase, like a mouse. Stuffed toys made with materials that feel similar to wool, fur, or fleece will be most attractive to your cat. You will also need glue and a straw.

, Make the hole just big enough for the end of the straw to fit through.

, You want to make the toy as safe as possible for your cat to play with and reduce the risk of choking.

, Stick the straw inside the stuffed animal and secure it in place.

It is recommended that you not use tape for this step, as it is less secure and the tape or stuffing inside could become a choking hazard for your cat. For this reason it is also recommended that you remove the eyes, if they are plastic pieces fixed to the cloth. Your cat won’t think it looks any less like a mouse without the beady eyes, and it won’t try to chew or swallow them if they’re removed from the beginning., Allow your cat to pounce on it, or nibble on it. However, do not leave your cat unattended with this toy, as your cat could hurt itself.

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