How to Make Cat Toys out of Common Household Items



Find an old, unwanted stuffed animal.,
Cut a little hole.,
Tie a string or ribbon around the toy if you want to drag it around for your cat.,
Give your cat the new toy.

Again, it’s always best to use stuffed animals that you do not have any sentimental attachment to, as your cat will want to tear and shred the toy.

, If you know your cat likes catnip, insert a small amount into the stuffed animal. Sew the hole up neatly.

, This step is optional. Your cat may prefer playing with the toy alone, or it may enjoy engaging with you while you maneuver the toy around the room. Again, it will take time and patience to learn what your cat likes best.

, If you added a string, swing it back and forth in front of the cat, as this will make it clear that it is supposed to “hunt” the toy.

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