How to Make Cat Toys out of Common Household Items



Gather materials.,
Cut off the toe from the sock.,
Fill the sock with catnip and sew it shut.,
Wrap the sock with yarn.,
Sew on some feathers.,
Wave it in front of your cat.

You’ll need fluffy yarn, a sock, scissors, catnip, a needle and thread, and some feathers.

, You can discard the toe, as it will not be needed in constructing this toy.

, Again, this step is optional, as your cat will want to play with anything that resembles its natural prey., Tie the yarn to one end of the sock and wrap it completely, so you no longer see the sock. Tie down the other end of the yarn.

, Choose a few places to add feathers. Slip them under a loop of yarn and use the needle and thread to sew them in place. This will also keep the yarn from unraveling.

, Your cat will love this toy, as it combines feathers with a stuffed animal.

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