How to Make Cat Toys



Encourage your cat’s fishing instincts by making a cat fishing rod.,
Or, try this method.

Attach a string and pompom or small toy onto a garden cane. A simple feather tied with a 3-foot (91cm) length of mint dental floss to the end of a 3-foot (91cm) long piece of wooden dowel rod makes a great toy. This provides hours of kitty motocross across the sofa, on to the bed over the stuffed chairs. Its great exercise for you and your tiger. For that matter, a long feather can make a fun, inexpensive toy on its own.

, Sew some scrap materials together and thread some fishing wire through. Attach to a wooden pole or rod. Your cat may be scared of this object the first time. If so, turn him over on his back and let him attempt to bite your hand. Once this is done, just place the scrap material line above him instead of your hand. Hours and hours of endless fun for free.

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