How to Make Cat Toys



Get creative with household items.,
Make a self-serve treat toy.,
Throw a ping-pong ball for your cat to chase and bat around.,
Use small boxes as toy hides.,
Use plastic rings.,
Gather objects from outdoors.,
Transform an ordinary plastic milk bottle into a treat toy.,
Scrunch up a ball from foil.,
Use a napkin as a toy.

A paper bag from the grocery store, empty sewing-thread spools, empty containers (washed thoroughly beforehand) crumpled pieces of paper, and so forth can all be put to good use as a cat toy. Empty toilet paper rolls make great toys on their own, or with items stuffed inside them.

, Put some dry cat food or cat treats inside an uncapped beverage plastic bottle. Your pet will hit and roll the bottle around getting his food out bit by bit. Use a bottle that has a wide cap.

, Just be aware that this can be rather loud on tile or hardwood flooring, so if anyone’s napping, try it later.

, Cut out doors and windows that the cat can reach. Hang toys from the top of the boxes and throw in some loosely. You cat will reach in to bat the toys inside. If you use even bigger boxes, your cat can dive in them to play and hide inside. Cats love to hide and believe they are invisible, then spring out at unsuspecting prey, so watch out!

, Cats love the little plastic circle rings that are part of the plastic cap on a 1 gallon (3.8 L) milk jug. They are just right to pounce on and biting the little rough ridges on the inside won’t hurt kitty at all. However, always supervise this play, as accidental swallowing of such an item can be extremely harmful!

, Items that are clean, not sharp and that roll or move easily will amuse your cat for free. In particular, cats like pine cones and these are often easy to find in local parks. If you like, attach a piece of ribbon to the pine cone for double the fun!


Cut a plastic milk bottle in half. Keep the bottom part and the lid.
Punch 2 small holes through the bottom.
Put some thin string through both holes and both ends, leaving it to stick out inside the bottle.
Attach the bottle top to the end of the string, making sure the lid and string can make its way out the end of the half bottle while still being attached.
Put some treats inside.
Watch your cat having fun trying to get the treats out.

, Smooth it out and toss it to the cat. Easy, sparkly and fun.

Place some catnip in the center before rolling if your cat likes this herb.


Take a regular paper napkin (clean) and fold it in half lengthwise. You should get a long, narrow rectangle.
Roll up the rectangle width-wise, so you have a short tube.
Twist that tube by taking both ends and turning them in opposite directions. Be sure to twist it hard enough to stay.
For extra fun, try rubbing catnip on the napkin before rolling it up. However, don’t put catnip in the napkin as it can come out during play and make a mess.

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