How to Make Cat Toys



Make a string toy.,
Try wiggling and tossing about shoe laces.

A three-or-more-feet-long piece of that fabric twisted-cord from the fabric department, with a knot tied tightly at each end, allows you to interactively play “string” with your feline. Or, two or more cats can use it to play together pulling and running with it. The thicker the string is, the safer the cats are with it. Slowly pulling it across the floor or bed, then pausing, then “twitching” it now and then will entertain most cats for ages––even the older ones who have less rip-and-tear in them often get involved!

For teething kittens, all you need is the tie from a bathrobe. Some bathrobes have strips of material that tie around the waist. Pull this across the floor, so it gets kitty’s attention. These are perfect because your kitten can bite into it with ease and without the risk of injury.
Always pick up string after the cats have finished playing with it under your supervision and put it away. Cats, little people and other pets can become entangled in it if left alone with string.

, Cats just love them. If your shoelace is untied, and kittens especially, should chase it around.

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