How to Make Cat Polos



Cut four strips of felt.,
Spray the strips of felt with water until dampened.

Iron the dampened felt strips on iron setting 3.,
Take the ironed felt and cut into the sides of the strips.,
Put a small square of Velcro on one end of the polo and hot glue it in place.,

You can make these as thick as you want. Just make sure that they are all the same length and width and that they are not too long (these go on the cat’s legs).;
,, Iron them until they are straight and have no wrinkles or fly away strands.

, This will make it easier to put the polos on the cat’s legs.

, This is used to attach the strips around the leg

, Your cat polos are now complete. Test for fit by wrapping the felt polo around a leg and securing in place with the Velcro tab.

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