How to Make Cat Litter in Home



Shred some newspapers, preferably using a paper shredder, and collect them in a pan of some sort.,
Soak the paper in warm water mixed with a few squirt of gentle, biodegradable dish soap.,
Drain the water and repeat the soaking, this time without using soap.

Sprinkle baking soda on the wet paper.,
Squeeze the remaining water out until it’s as dry as you can get it.

Crumble over a screen and leave to dry, it will take a few days.

Now you have perfect litter for your cat!

, The shredded paper will take on a cooked oatmeal consistency. The paper won’t become completely clean, but the water will turn grey.

,, Knead it in to the mixture.

You might want to wear gloves to avoid getting ink on your hands.


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