How to Make Bird Feeders from Pine Cones



First off, make sure you have all the necessary pine cones, and MAKE SURE that they are in good shape and won’t break or chip easily, as this will prove an inconvenience to birds trying to eat from it.,
Attach a piece of string, not yarn as it unravels too easily, to the pine cone’s stem.,
Hold the pine cone over a bowl of peanut butter and slowly cover the pine cone with it.,
Place the feeder covered in peanut butter on a mat, sheet of wax paper or anything you don’t mind getting dirty.,
If you want a feeder that’s covered in seeds, pour some bird seed into a bowl and dunk the pine cone in it, rolling it around thoroughly.,
Place it in the refrigerator for an hour at least to prevent the peanut butter from melting, then take it out and place it somewhere out of the sun for three days.

Hang it up on a branch, preferably near a window so kids, (Or you!),

, Tie it sturdily, so that birds won’t knock the pine cone off the string.

, Try not to get any on the string, as then squirrels and other animals will chew on it, therefore breaking the string, ruining the feeder.

, Remember though, it’s only peanut butter and bird seed. You can always wash it off later.

, If you want a more peanut butter than bird seed feeder, take a fist full of seed and sprinkle it over the pine cone. Not enough? Take another fistful and repeat!

,, can watch the birds flock to it.

, P.S. You can make more than one on this recipe.

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