How to Make Baby Hamster Food



Create a milk mixture.,
Feed your hamster the milk mixture.,
Wean your hamsters from milk.

Ideally, mothers will nurse baby hamsters for the first month of their lives. Other milks won’t have the same balance of nutrients. If your baby hamster’s mother died before the hamster is weaned (usually 3-4 weeks after birth), you can act as a surrogate mother by feeding your baby hamster a milk mixture. Formulas designed for puppies or kittens also can work. These substitutes may cause diarrhea.

Combine equal parts evaporated milk and water.
Heat the mixture to 90 degrees Fahrenheit before you give it to the baby.
Use a syringe or specially designed feeding wick to feed the pup.;
, The amount of formula you give your hamster depends on its type (dwarf or Syrian) and age. Generally, you will feed the hamster more milk in the beginning of its early life. Supplement formula with small seeds (like millet), wheat germs, and safe fruits and vegetables (e.g. broccoli, cauliflower, bananas).By the end of a month, you should wean your hamsters from the mixture.Dwarf hamsters under the age of two weeks should receive two syringe drops of formula in thirty minute intervals. You need to feed the hamster through the night. Once the hamster is two weeks and older, you can give him ½ milliliter of formula once per sixty minutes.Syrian hamsters need more milk. Twelve times daily, give these pups 1 milliliter of milk until they are two weeks in age. After this point, give them two milliliters of milk eight times throughout the day.
Break vegetables and fruits into small pieces. For example, break one floret of broccoli into several smaller bite-sized amounts., When your hamsters (dwarf or Syrian) turn three weeks old, they will start to consume solids. At this point, begin to wean them from milk. Decrease the quantity of milk by half for one to two days. After this point, cease to give milk altogether.Dwarf hamsters will continue to nurse (or drink milk) until they are about 21 days old. Syrian hamsters will nurse a bit longer until they are 26-28 days old.

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