How to Make Baby Dwarf Hamster Food



Feed the babies soggy pellets.,
Offer small seeds.,
Sprinkle some wheat germ.,
Lower the water source.

Commercial produced pellets provide a good, nearly comprehensive source of nutrition. However, babies will have difficulty eating hard pellets. About ten days after birth begin feeding the hamster pellets. Immerse them in water and stir them they until they appear soft. Drain them and place them in a dish in the cage.Hamster moms don’t begin weaning children off of their milk until they are ten days old. For dwarf hamsters, the process of weaning will be over within three weeks. From ten days to three weeks old, you should begin feeding the babies progressively more. By three weeks after birth, you will be providing all of the nutrients for the babies., Seeds are an ideal source of nutrition for hamsters, but babies are not prepared to eat large seeds. Place a sprig of millet in the cage for the babies and their mother. Pulling the seeds from the sprig will provide a source of entertainment., Wheat germ can be purchased at most grocery stores.Sprinkle it around the nest. Use uncooked and unrefrigerated wheat germ., Baby hamsters should have unimpeded access to water at all times. In order to do that, the water bottle must be low enough that the babies can reach it. Consider placing a water dish directly in the cage at first, because the babies can inhale too much water from a hanging bottle..

At the same time, you need to be sure that the tube does not touch the bedding where the babies sleep.

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